Tuesday, February 12, 2013

when to go homemade: ranch dry mix

When it comes to whether or not to go homemade or store bought, i'm probably going to lean towards homemade because of taste and quality.  however, sometimes it's not easier.  so i'm going to explore some items that i usually buy in the store or make by scratch and see which is really better.

First up: buttermilk ranch dry mix.  yes. you know it well. it's delicious. you add some sour cream and some yogurt and you've got ranch dip, you add some milk and some yogurt and you've got ranch dressing, or add it to whatever as a rub.  still delicious.

I used to to buy these little packets of salty herby goodness.  but seriously, they are so expensive, usually costing two dollars for an ounce of this fancy-pants mix.

I figured this really must be simple to make on my own, for so much cheaper.  and there is.  i played around with some recipes and settled on my recipe for your very own homemade ranch dry mix. 

1/2 cup dry buttermilk, 1 T dried parsley, 1 t dried dill weed, 1 t onion powder, 1 t dried onion flakes, 1 t salt, 1/2 t garlic powder, 1/4 t ground pepper

Directions: mix, store.  
1 packet = ~1 ounce = 2 Tablespoons

Ranch Dressing: 1 Tablespoon mix, 1 cup mayo or greek yogurt, 1 cup buttermilk
Ranch Dip: 1 Tablespoon mix, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup greek yogurt 

So how does it stack up?
It's really easy to make.  
It's much cheaper.  
It tastes the same. 
And there are no weird ingredients like maltodextrin, msg, or calcium stearate

So yeah. Homemade ranch is the way to go. 
So get mixing!


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