Saturday, February 2, 2013

cozy up

I've never been sure what the appropriate spelling is, but I'm going with this: koozies, that which keeps your drink cold and your hand warm.

I made some for Christmas presents this past year and they were a hit.  

I made them in two colors: wolfpack/razorback red for the boys, and a lovely purple blend for the ladies

Pattern: you could do this some fancy way with circular needles, or you could do it the alex way and knit a rectangle and sew the seam. 

My red yarn was size US 8, my purple was US 10
If using size US 8, cast on 36 stitches  
If using the US 10, cast on 34 stitches  

For either:
Knit row 1 
Purl row 2
For rows 3 on, alternate between a knit and purl stitch (K 1, P 1, and so on)

Do this until the piece is the appropriate height, about 5 inches. 
Cast off

It should look something like this:

If you have a long tail from your cast on or off you can use this yarn and a yarn needle to sew the two sides together.  Just take your rectangle, fold it in half, and sew the long edges

So you get something that looks like this:


A winner indeed.


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