Wednesday, February 6, 2013


bagels are delicious. but they are hard to find in good form in non-city locations. 
(yes you can get good bagels outside of NYC, believe me) 

there is one place in CH that offers a tasty bagel, but it's far. 
so i made some.

i used this recipe from the sophisticated gourmet, and i was pleased.
i know it's surprising to hear but I followed the recipe strictly, no tweaks!

yes, this picture makes it clear, my rolling skills leave a lot to be desired, but the end product was delicious, so I don't really think it matters too much

i think next time i'll boil them for longer (i did one minute per side this round).

oh and i topped them with a mix of things: some with onion flakes, others just with salt, and a couple with paprika, red pepper and onion flakes.

most were consumed with some smear (plain whipped cream cheese is clearly the best) 

but I also made some pizza bagels, because as we all know so well, when pizza's on a bagel you can have pizza anytime:

and some bagel sandwiches:

so delicious.  and seriously, not hard. 

so when in need, make your own bagel!

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