Friday, February 15, 2013

rant/rave: red velvet (cake)

it's funny because i was thinking it had been a while (cue song) since i had a rant/rave and then i was sent into a deep rage black out upon seeing a recent post on a blog i enjoy for red velvet waffles. 

really? really? it's red velvet everything these days. and it's too damn much!

red velvet cake is a nice southern cake to be consumed occasionally.  it is supposed to be chocolate cake with beet juice and cream cheese frosting.

but what has happened to this once simple cake?

it has been destroyed in some marketing frenzy to make everything and anything in red velvet.

it started with a harmless red velvet cupcake.  fine enough.  

but they couldn't leave it alone. there had to be red velvet cake balls and red velvet whoopie pies.  and you know, i can actually live with those, why? because they maintain the integrity of red velvet cake in cake form.

what i can't handle is what came next - red velvet cookies, red velvet truffles, pancakes, ice cream, donuts, cheese balls (?!), puppy chow, brownies, and now waffles. 

honestly people.  you need to stop. you've crossed the line.  

keep red velvet cake a cake. a cake for sometimes.  not all the time. not in any form you fancy.

i just can't take it anymore.

the next time someone offers me some red velvet themed dessert i swear i will give them some red velvet vomit. 

so please, let's get a bit more creative on our flavor combinations.



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    1. my comment disappeared. let's try this again.

      i can't wait for red velvet vomit combined with glitter sweat. i kinda wanna piss you off.

    2. haha! i aim to please? i believe in your ability to get me riled up enough to produce both of these things