Saturday, December 22, 2012

food lately: while studying

What have I been munching on lately?

Well, lots of pizza, like this buffalo tofu with ricotta, jalapenos, and corn:

And this similar soyrizo, jalapenos, spinach, corn, and eggs:

I've been in a mood for lentils with pasta, I think because it's such an easy way to add some protein - just start boiling the lentils about 10 minutes before you add the pasta

Some stir-fry with ramen:

a fried egg-on-top sandwich:

And of course, embracing the holiday spirit with some chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting:

hope you are eating well this holiday season!


Friday, December 21, 2012

if ever in baltimore...

raisin bread french toast and bacon:

veggie omelet with cornbread and potatoes: 

delicious delicious i tell you.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

stockings filled with cheer

No Christmas decor is complete without stockings.  So I had to make some for the Forum. 
I made one for myself, mike, megan, and jonathan.  Yes, it's true, the last two don't live with us, but we like them a lot.

I picked a red lightweight fleece (I think they call it baby fleece, or flannel...) with little white polka dots, and then a white and green linen for the trim and lining. 

I drew a stocking on cardboard and then drew a half-inch border around it and cut it out.  

Next I cut out all the necessary pieces.  This works out to be:
2 red cutouts per completed stocking, 
2 whites with an extra inch-and-a-half at the top, 
and 2 one-inch wide pieces of green 

**remember when cutting out the stockings to fold the fabric in half, with right sides out, so you will have a front and back piece

Your pieces should then line up as so:

The first step is to sew the green trim to the white lining.  You will sew them to the "front" of each white piece, as if the backsides were touching each other, so one stocking's lining should look like this:

Then when you put the respective white piece behind the red and flip down the trim you get this:

Then sew the green trim edge to the red, about an inch down from the top of the red piece:

Then iron all of the pieces.  
Fold each side of the trim over and put the two red pieces right-side in:

then sew around the edge of the stocking except for the top and trim edges: 

Flip inside out and ta-da:

Stockings for all! 

I then used some stamps and fabric paint to print our names on the stockings.

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

holiday treats

December has been a great month so far (post exams of course).  
But December is not just about cooking a crafting.  It's also about fun activities with your loved ones.

Some of my recent shenanigans include:

Gouge Wrestling, Christmas edition

Judge for the N&O Holiday Cookie Contest

The CAH Holiday pack update

And lots of time at Big Boss Taproom, but that's for another post. 

I hope you are getting into some fun this holiday season.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Decor, Part I

(some supplies)

I do love decorating the house. And Christmas time of course requires a fresh set of decorations. 
So I'll just go through the sections.

The wreath: 
Crafted of course. The wreath is from Hobby Lobby and the sprag/picks (depending on your view) are from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I attach mine with mini zip-cords. 

Next up, the garland. You know I love a garland.  This one uses felt pendants, bells, and ornaments. 
I used a paint pen to write out be merry on the ornaments (frosted glass)

And sewed the felt pendants to some red yarns with a zig-zag stitch.  
(I did the same thing for the fall garland)

I then tied the ornaments and bells to the yarn in between the pendants:

There are three little scenes (i guess scenes, i don't know what else to call them) made from a variety of things.

On the coffee table, scene 1: pine cones, bowl with bells and gilded mini pine cones, cranberry pick, gold acorn pick, and a frosted white pick of mixed fruit and leaves, on a green felt pendant:

Other side of the coffe table: a pumpkin! (yes yes yes, deal with it) some felt in green and red, a candy-inspired pick, pine cone, glittered santa sign, and jar filled with mini ornaments  bells, gilded baby pine cones, and regular pine cones:

On the bar: a glittered noel sign, a bowl with bells, cranberries, and gilded mini pine cones, another filled jar, a felt stocking, white snowflake, and santa head. 

The stockings: (post to come on how to make these):

The mantel: 
In the middle, some candles, a leaf trivet, and a nativity scene ornament from the Wooley's:

On the sides: pine leaves, pine cones, and various metallic picks:

(Almost) All together now:

Hope you've had fun decorating for the holiday season!


Monday, December 17, 2012

a wedding in arkansas

Ok, so this is even older, but back in the very beginning of November, two dear friends of mine got hitched back in Arkansas.

Jonathan joined me for a weekend in my old stomping grounds and got to meet my arkansas loves.

We stayed with Jake and Emmy, who of course loved us:

Emmy with her bow tie

The wedding was beautiful and in the Chapel of our College 

After the ceremony we gave Jonathan a tour, Megan and my handprints are still by VZ!

The reception was so much fun, filled with dancing, cocktails, adorable centerpieces,

and of course, a photo booth!

May I just say, they did this the right way: each visit to the photo booth produced two copies so you could keep one and then the other was put into a scrapbook, which you signed for the bride and groom.  So smart.

It was a lovely wedding and so great to see everyone.  
Congrats Mac and Amelia! 
We are so happy for you.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

and my birthday

The day after thanksgiving was my birthday. I love being a thanksgiving baby, it feeds my pumpkin persona. 

This year was a big one too, 25. Well, bigish, it is my quarter-century mark.

Since Ashley was going to be in Texas, she made me a pre-birthday brunch before she left. Of course it was awesome in every way.

Knowing that it would be such, I did a fancy braid: one over the top and the rest pulled to the side and braided down.

Chloe was excited to be a part of this ladies brunch, can't you tell?

Ashley made pumpkin cinnamon rolls!!! I mean really people. 

On my actual birthday Jonathan and I spent a lovely day relaxing.  We took Chloe for a long walk, played ticket to ride (a birthday addition), and ate at poole's diner, which was delicious.  The drinks were fancy, the food was tasty, and the dessert was flipping amazing. 

Also, the boy got me a lovely california apron, absolutely perfect.

It was a lovely ringing-in to my next year.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

what's that?

A knitting cat.

happy saturday.


oh yeah, thanksgiving

it was epic, of course.

Mike and I hosted at the Forum for our friends and it was so delicious.  
We had Chloe who was adorable per the usu:

I made a turkey! I used the cooking method form Jacques Pepin's Steamed & Rosted Turkey
and it was awesome. Mike pulled out the gross parts, which I couldn't even find, ridiculous. 

I deviated a bit from the recipe (shocker) and after the steam session, stuffed the turkey with a lemon, apple, onion, and cinnamon stick, with some additional mixture sprinkled around the pan.
I followed the recipe for the glaze and basted twice

While the turkey roasted, we got the house ready for company.  
These boys were matching, by accident they say...

When the internal temperature was just right, I pulled out the turkey and emptied the interior parts and juice into the roasting pan and let the turkey sit on the cutting board while I made the gravy. 

Yeah, it's pretty freaking beautiful, isn't it?

For the gravy I made a roux and added the juices and bits from the turkey and cooked until thick.  Then I strained it. Seriously, so delicious. Apples + lemon + onion = perfect turkey gravy, fyi. 

And then we ate, we feasted on turkey and all the fixings.  No really, all of them, see:

Mom was actually worried there wouldn't be enough room in my house for all the food, but we made it work.  Everything was so delicious. I still dream of that meal. 

Needless to say it was a fabulous thanksgiving filled with food, football, and friends. 

Chloe was a bit bummed she couldn't have more turkey. 
Don't tell Ashley I gave her a little piece!

Hope y'all had a lovely day!