Tuesday, February 5, 2013

food lately: a little bit off

most of my cooking has been on hold or very strange in the last couple of weeks thanks to a broken fridge that is now semi fixed, but we hope it will all be better soon.

in the meantime, here are some randoms,

mini cannoli cups:
so the filling part was tasty but i don't love the wonton wrapper as the pastry. 
but in a rush, it will work 

deviled egg sandwich:
big fan of this: veggie bacon, lettuce, hard boiled eggs sprinkled with salt pepper and paprika, and then a spread mixture of mayo, mustard, and tapenade (yes, we put olives in our deviled eggs, deal with it).
it really tastes like a deviled egg in sandwich form

pesto and tomato pasta:

well yes, i make this all the time, because it's delicious.
this time it was with some angel hair pasta, then in a skillet saute up some pesto sauce, sliced garlic, and cherry tomatoes. toss it all together with some pepper and sea salt and call it a win.

keep cooking