Friday, February 22, 2013

rant/rave: pet paraphernalia

Jonathan needed more food for little spoon, so we stopped by the fancy-pants pet store to get some.  Of course we had to look at the toys too. 

But on the way to the toy section, something terrible caught my eye:

Yes people, pet carriers.  Baby bjorns for your pets.  
What is wrong with people?? I mean really, not only are you a bad pet-parent because you aren't walking your dog, you clearly think your dog needs treatment similar to that of an actual child. Your pet is not a person.  They are adorable and well deserving of our attention and care but are you really going to spend a hundred dollars to carry around your little pal in a front facing backpack? 

Why? So they can see the world as you do?  You know, they will probably be so nervous about not being on the ground they will pee in that little backpack of yours. 
So there. 

Now get over yourselves and just walk your dog like a normal person. 

Don't despair, there was plenty to rave about in the pet store once I got passed that nonsense.  

Things like this:

Why yes, every cat needs a scratching disk so they too can be a star dj.
Now we are talking, practical and adorable...well, maybe still a bit on the ridiculous, but in a much more reasonable way, right?


1 comment:

  1. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind a pet carrier for Chloe when I ride the bike. It's gotta be easier than the trailer (though she's hate it). OR if we were hiking for an extended period of time. Casey has to carry Huck sometimes when they go rock climbing.

    Crazy? Maybe. But so is pet ownership. It's not rational.

    It's gotta be better than the lady I saw in Bloomingdale's with her pups in a stroller.

    Finally, I am not condoning this thing at all.