Thursday, February 7, 2013

king of the cake

Berenbaum's is a delightful bakery in Durham.  But they aren't your typical bakery. They have a stand at the farmer's market and they operate a kind-of csa. 
I know, a bakery csa?? 
So much better than the vegetable kind, let's be honest.  
And to top it all off, they operate on a sliding scale.  Crazy amazing.

Now, I don't live in durham (yet), so I don't get to partake in these treats often.  But last Saturday I made a trip to the farmer's market because i won Berenbaum's weekly facebook giveaway!!! 
Boom diggity! 

Not only was I lucky just to be the weekly winner, I was also lucky because this week's giveaway was a King Cake! Right in time for Mardi Gras.  Oh believe me, Ashley and I were dying.  

So, yes, Saturday I picked up the King Cake and it looked like this:

Just beautiful. I wanted to dig right in but I waited patiently until Sunday, because we had decided to eat it while watching the super bowl.  
(Correction: I had decided, Jonathan and Ashley were ready to eat the whole thing Saturday afternoon)

But Sunday came and we ate that King Cake and seriously people, it was the best King Cake ever.


I've eaten a lot of King Cake in my day. I am a very experienced baby-finding-king-cake eater. And this one was so perfect. The brioche dough, the cinnamon, the pecans, the icing. 
I could eat one a week.

Oh yes, who found the baby jesus? Ashley of course. 
The irony is lost on no one.

ALSO, of course they have a blog, and of course there is a picture of us with our king cake on it
How precious? 
(Yes, they called Jonathan Brian by mistake, don't get confused)

But now all the king cake is gone. And I must wait until next year.  
But next year I will buy two.  I don't care what you say 


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