Wednesday, February 13, 2013

see you next year king cake

Fair warning: this post has nothing to do with the regular contents of this blog - there are no recipes or DIYs - so feel free to skip this and avoid a dose of my personal beliefs.

However, if you still need some ideas of what to give up for lent, read on.

ps. today is also thank a feminist day, so get thanking!

Today is ash wednesday and the beginning of lent and I feel like it kind of snuck up on me with some recent travel and I hadn't really thought about what to give up this year. 

There are the more traditional food/vice-oriented options that include giving up the variety of sweets, chocolate, meat, alcohol, etc.  These are great options to understand the luxuries we take for basics. 

In addition to some other things, Megan is giving up the snooze button! Such an impressive and challenging task since we are so used to our sleeping routines. There are also ideas focused on engaging your faith, like going to church more or reading the bible regularly. 

But in recent years i've been into giving up time and doing things with that time.  My church has a great post today about this approach of increasing service during lent and the importance of sacrificing time.  

With that in mind, this year i've decided to give up the internet one day a week and use that extra time to do more service work.  I think separating from the constant connection and use of technology will be really freeing and I hope to do some good things for others with that time.

So, good luck with whatever you're fasting and remember,  
the easter bunny awaits at the end of the desert!


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