Friday, February 8, 2013

sweet hearts

it's time for a little love. so i made a valentine's garland to add some festive to the house.
I'm a big fan of felt garland because it's pretty much the easiest thing to make.

Just cut up some felt in your desired shapes and colors and then sew them together onto some embroidery thread or yarn.

I cut up hearts, birds, x's, and o's: 

I sewed the thread to the backside of my felt pieces in my preferred order:

And ta-da, my garland was complete: 

I made it a bit long so I pinned it up in three places to scallop it like so:

Now we have some sweet hearts in the place!
(hehe, get it?)

And yes, Ashley and I have already made all our valentine's this year, pictures on those after they've been received.

Hope you are crafting some of your own!


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