Friday, October 21, 2011

Rant/Rave: Update on Back to School

So apparently team, it has gotten worse. 
If you recall, back to school fashion has been quite dismal at UNC this fall.  This is quite frustrating, because, as Ashbash pointed out, it could be so much better, as evident by other schools that seem to value decency and effort in what they wear.

But alas, we are left with continuing modifications on the outdated and weaksauce workout outfit.  I thought, incorrectly of course, that with the coming cold weather, sorority sisters would need to trade in their over-priced running shorts and mid-calf athletic socks for something a little more appropriate.  

I was wrong. 
Please take note of a recent disaster I had to witness:

Yes, it is a sorority long-sleeved shirt, with those same damn shorts and socks, but now to deal with the cold: leggings have been added!

I mean really, it's just terrible. And to make matters worse, but I'm sure to no one's surprise, they aren't actually going to workout.  Lisa found out that at UNC undergrads are only allowed to take one physical activity class! Now this is absolutely awful from a health standpoint but also makes it clear that there is no justification for leaving the house and strutting around campus all day in this outfit or any of its adaptations.


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