Sunday, October 30, 2011

Too much time with economics

Ashbash and I have decided to write a book. Not anything fancy, just an economics and regression book for college kids.  You know, real life examples to understand some of these ridiculous concepts.  

What prompted this plan? Oh, this:

What is that? Good question.  

Well, we were having a discussion about sandwiches and how the filling is always made better when you add bread. But things got complicated, so we had to write it out, with a utility function.  

What was produced? The above ridiculousness that clearly shows that bread is better than the inside of a sandwich and the bread plus the filling is better than the filling alone. But, whether the bread is better than the sandwich as a whole is dependent on the quality of the bread.  

We later added that this is complicated by a spreadable filling (aka guac, pb, etc.) since you would not eat it without bread...

Just some food for thought (hehe!)