Friday, October 28, 2011

Rant/Rave: Girl Scouts gone corporate

Now, I was a girl scout. Yup, adorable I know.  And I loved being one because it was awesome, obvi. 

But everyone knows what the best part of girl scouts are: the cookies! 
And we tease you with them, only selling them but once a year.  You have to order them ahead of time and wait and then, when they are gone, you have to wait like 11 more months to get more...let's be honest thin mints don't last long in my house.

I'm sure most people have figured out by this point that no girl scouts are making these sweet treats.  We outsource like good Americans. (yeah i said it, get over it.) But unlike other American orgs outsourcing factory labor, we actually get very little profit from our endeavor.  The cost of producing these delicious confections is quite high and local troops only receive about 10-15% of the purchase price of a box. 

Now, I've known for a while that Keebler sold thin-mint knock offs, knock offs I try to ignore every trip to the grocery store. But I was quite surprised to recently find them now selling for-profit somoas! (my personal favorite girl scout cookie).


I was so upset. 
One of all: how am I suposed to avoid this temptation on a regular basis? It's just rude elf. Very rude.
Two of all: Um, hello?! How many people are going to keep buying girl scout cookies when they can get them for a dollar cheaper year round in the cookie isle of their local mega mart? They are not only increasing competition for our fine product, but decreasing demand. ugh. No respect from the (little) man.  

So please people, for the benefit of your waistline and local troops, buy your girl scout cookies from a girl scout! 

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