Monday, October 24, 2011

scared hitless?

softball. yup I said it. a team sport.  no don't worry, I wasn't playing.  But I was a team mom! Some of my friends decided it was a good idea to join a local softball league, we signed up for the lowest difficulty level, obvi. 

Well turns out that for Durham, the lowest difficulty league is still ridiculous.  I mean these teams are good. They practice! Shocking I know.  But hey, we put out a good effort for the season and everyone had fun.  And, though we may not have won a game, we at least did disprove our team name and score many hits!

But back to the crafty side of things, the team moms made the jerseys for our adorable players.  It took all day but they turned out awesome, as you can see. 

How did we do it? Oh, screen printing obvi.  Megan took a class last year and had all of the supplies.  The real pain is cutting the screen.  And since we were making jerseys we had to also cut out all the numbers for the backs and then switch out the screens for each t-shrit.  The fronts went much faster though. 

Some points of advice: make sure the shirts are properly centered before screening them, keep in mind how this works with the shape of your screen.  We had some nice first runs...
Also, pick an easy design, not too much swirly stuff for easy cutting.
Finally make sure your screens stay clean from the paint on the underside so you don't get paint in unintended places.

Yup. That's all I've got.  It was pretty straight forward so pick up a book and stop by the local craft store and get to screening!