Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pizza pizza take two

zucchini.  a solid vegetable if you ask me.  now you may be wondering, hasn't she already made zucchini pizza? Why yes I have, many times in fact, but this is a different variety: 
Zucchini is the crust.  
Now there are many varieties of this, usually with larger squashes so that the slices resemble a pizza a bit more, but I'm quite partial to the zucchini so I went with it.  

It is pretty easy to make: slice up your zuchini for starters.  Then i drizzled some oil from sun-dried tomatoes and added a couple of those to each 'slice'. (I don't know why I put this in quotes since, even if not from a pizza, they are still slices of zucchini...).  Moving on though. Then top each slice with a piece of pepperoni and grate some parm on top.  

I baked my at 375 for 15 minutes until the zucchini slices were nice and roasted. 

 Now the beauty of this is of course that you can top a slice of squash with anything - sauce, more cheese, bacon, onions, you name it.  Basically anything you would put on an actual pizza... That's kind of the point.  But now you have an awesome veggie as your crust for some variety.  Don't fear, this is not an attempt to decrease the carbs in my life, I love those way too much to even think anything so ridiculous; this is just a way to jazz up a mighty fine gourd!