Friday, September 16, 2011

Rant/Rave: Back to School

team. oh team. we need to talk about the terrible things I see everyday.  Now that the undergrads are back, they have brought their awful fashion trends. I use the word "fashion" loosely.

Last year, the look was similar: girls would show up wearing running shorts and some unc/greektastic t-shirt, maybe with athletic shoes, maybe flip-flops, because let's be honest, we all knew they weren't really working out.
This may not sound like a bad outfit, but when you see 5,000 girls wearing the same boring lazy thing everyday it becomes frustrating to the senses.

Well, they have managed to make it worse.  Yes, I know, how can you change just a lazy basic outfit? Well team, let me tell you.  Megan pointed this out to me and ever since, I'm seeing it everywhere:

Like this:

Yes, I kid you not, these girls (and some boys) have taken to wearing good ol' athletic socks at some weird mid-calf length along with their sporty outfit. Why? God only knows.  All I know is it is more terrible than before.

Please don't do this. K thanks.