Monday, March 12, 2012

bow ties for all

It started as a semi-joke.  

Jonathan asked for a bow tie with his face on it. To teach in of course. Yeah. 
So when I told him I was seriously making him a bow tie, he changed his tune and requested a plaid.

He picked a nice blue-green fabric but it just so happened I had some left over denim from our jort making experience, so I decided to take on two bow ties. hmm...

I used the pattern from lovely Martha
I printed and cut out the pattern. (Pretty simple so far)

And then applied some interfacing to the plaid fabric. 

Cut out the pattern from the fabric.

I don't have a mini rotary cutter so I did the curves with scissors. 


Looking good so far, right?

Repeat with plaid.


Then the sewing started. I deviated from the instructions, because I wasn't quite sure how they expected me to pull the whole bow tie through a little slit.  

So I sewed the two sides together before joining the two ends. This worked fine. 


Flipped inside out:

And then poorly stitched the ends together. It looks a little funky but hey, it works.

Turns out, I'm awesome at tying a bow tie,
on myself.