Monday, March 12, 2012

bow ties for all

It started as a semi-joke.  

Jonathan asked for a bow tie with his face on it. To teach in of course. Yeah. 
So when I told him I was seriously making him a bow tie, he changed his tune and requested a plaid.

He picked a nice blue-green fabric but it just so happened I had some left over denim from our jort making experience, so I decided to take on two bow ties. hmm...

I used the pattern from lovely Martha
I printed and cut out the pattern. (Pretty simple so far)

And then applied some interfacing to the plaid fabric. 

Cut out the pattern from the fabric.

I don't have a mini rotary cutter so I did the curves with scissors. 


Looking good so far, right?

Repeat with plaid.


Then the sewing started. I deviated from the instructions, because I wasn't quite sure how they expected me to pull the whole bow tie through a little slit.  

So I sewed the two sides together before joining the two ends. This worked fine. 


Flipped inside out:

And then poorly stitched the ends together. It looks a little funky but hey, it works.

Turns out, I'm awesome at tying a bow tie,
on myself. 



  1. This is an important post in an already epic blog. Can we get Jonathan to model the surf style summer line up of iridescent, neon bow ties? They are, of course, the ONLY bow ties that work as well on the beach as they do in the lecture hall.

  2. fact! what an excellent transition piece for our line. I can talk to him. We might want to incorporate a matching dog collar/bow tie; match bow ties are great for a run on the beach with your pup!