Thursday, March 8, 2012

we need some stinking patches

So, I have this sweater. 

A great cardigan but it's seen better days and now has a good size hole at one of the elbows. 

What was I to do? 
Make elbow patches of course! And not just any patches, black suede heart patches. 

I just picked up a small piece of suede from the craft store and cut it into two hearts.

After deciding where to place them (so they were proper elbow patches and covered the hole) I realized I was going to have some trouble sewing the hearts on. 
I needed to use the machine since the suede is so thick, but i couldn't get the sleeve onto the machine with enough mobility. 
So I cut a slit in the arm sleeve and sewed the hearts right on and then the seam back up.



Hole sweater is an elbow patch sweater now. check plus.