Friday, March 9, 2012

scarf season, sort of.

Well, winter was certainly a bust this year, at least in North Carolina. But I think we all know I'm quite okay with this.  
It does however mean that I have not been wearing scarves as frequently, which is a shame. 
But that hasn't stopped me from making more for future use...

I decided on an infinity scarf, because, well, I'm partial to them.  I had some nice soft brown and picked up a chunky cream-colored yarn to go along, they both were sized for my US 10.5 needles. 

It's very simple, just a good ol' basic stitch through the whole brown yarn and then I added in the cream (which was a smaller roll). I cast off the end and then sewed the ends together, by hand. 

Before I did though, I twisted one end so I would actually have a mobius scarf as Casey thought this would be awesome (and it is).

The final product ready for one loop or two:

Now, I just need some weather worth wearing it in.