Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh my Jorts: Hipstertastic

Ok team.  I recognize what I'm about to write will seem highly out of character, but before you judge me, know that there is a legitimate explanation...I hope.  

I recently made jorts.

Yes, Jorts.  Jean shorts. Of the hipster variety.  I know. It's ridiculous.  But let me attempt to justify. 

My friend Jonathan likes to make fun of the hipsters (who doesn't) while at the same time embracing some of their practices, partially in jest, and partially with pleasure.  He had a pair of jeans.  Not just any pair of jeans, A-pocket boot-cut jeans.  A cut that no self-respecting hipster would wear.  So what was he to do? Turn them into jorts, better yet, overpriced designer jorts.  
Clearly this is an act of crafting, which most boys don't feel comfortable doing, especially with the possibility of a sewing machine being involved, so he needed my assistance.  While getting ready for this serious endeavor, we had to do a little research to make sure we executed this properly.  He took me to this website, which is clearly amazing.  And while Jonathan wanted to fully follow protocol and go with some short jorts (like this), I had to draw the decency line somewhere.

So after sufficient research we cut up those beautiful seven jeans and turned them into hipstertastic jorts. 
(the remnants) 
This act ended up being much less complicated than previously envisioned and so it was over quickly, and we were left, dare I say it, wanting more jort crafting.  What was the solution? Well, clearly, to make me a pair of jorts.  Conveniently, I too had a pair of old sevens that were in dire need of some TLC (not A-pockets alas).  But any pair of overpriced denim will do.  We grabbed those scissors and went to town, and there were born, my jorts:

I know.  I'm the opposite of hipster (thankfully).  But I recently tested these puppies out, and I must admit, they are pretty friggin awesome.  

Yup. There I said it, I love my jorts. 

Ugh. Please forgive me.

Also, check this out, it's hilarious.