Wednesday, March 21, 2012

out and about last week

There was some tasty food (and drink) recently.

We had a well timed ladies happy hour where the bartender was being trained...aka we received many of his testers; someone has to make the sacrifice after all.
It was an unproductive night to say the least thanks to my favorite local bar, The Standard.

Evan, Yuna, and I had a lovely long lunch at Sandwhich. I had the outrageous BLT with Avocado and Roasted Jalapenos. So yummy.

And then, I ended my week with Jonathan at Calavera. An empanada and tequila bar. Seriously? I might be in love with this place.  I had a pineapple coconut margarita and as for empanadas, we had: a jerk chicken and mango salsa, habanero pork and corn, black bean and sweet potato, poblano, and of course, two nutella and banana fried pies for dessert.  So frigging good. 

Did I mention I was sitting outside in the lovely sun for all of these festivities? Oh yes, spring is good.