Sunday, March 11, 2012

arkansassy, per the usu

So, speaking of kid's birthdays, Jake turned 6 this year! Well sort of. 
Jake's birthday is February 29th, yeah he's one of those.  

But it means he got a real birthday this year! 
Which also means I of course had to make a trip down to the AR for a little celebrating.

The party was fabulous of course, this kid's party was cowboy themed however, still with a pinata and actually the same temporary dinosaur tattoos... 

Other things happened on this trip.  Like a trip to the Garden Ridge where we saw absolutely ridiculous things like these high heel shoe chairs:

and of course, who doesn't want some armor in their home?

But really, more importantly there was food. Many trips to The Sonic, greek, bbq, and lots of breakfast.

BBQ from the best - Whole Hog: 

Oh and Mema sent me home with a whole bunch of homemade chocolate candies. 
Be jealous.

Besides being sick for most of the trip it was a solid time in arkansassy, per usual.  


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  1. So glad you came for my birthday! The party just would not have been the same without you! And next November I'm sending you one of those shoe chairs for your birthday!