Monday, July 4, 2011

The Shady Trend

Ashbash decided she wanted to make a Terrarium.  What is a terrarium? Well it’s basically a glass vessel filled with rocks, dirt, moss, and plants.  Certain plants do better than others, primarily those that like the shade; the awesome thing about these garden crafts is that they require very little maintenance, just a spritz now and then (if you have an enclosed container they need nothing).

So we turned it into an afternoon and were joined by Megan and Shira to head over to the PTA thrift store to find our vessels.  Next we popped over to Southern States to get our necessary supplies.  Back at the apt we got to work and made quite the mess but some amazing terrariums.  The actual assembly process is very quick, we definitely spent more time shopping than making...

And apparently making terrariums is quite the trendy thing to do now.  People all over are having terrarium parties!  Our first run with them was pretty successful, Shira’s is on Struggle Street but I think this is because she did two layers of rocks and dirt… We decided that we too need to have a proper terrarium party and will serve…get ready for it…dirt cups! Oh yeah be jealous.

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