Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So it may not be a proper craft, but hair braiding has become a very hot topic in my circle and I’m mildly obsessed. Recently Megan found a treasure from our childhood.  You remember those klutz books that are filled with all those super fun activities...remember the braid one? Oh yeah, amazing. 
After rereading this balla book, and reliving the classic fashion of the early 90’s, action had to be taken. 

Ashbash came over for a crafting evening but we got distracted and instead had a drink (a spiked arnold palmer), and she braided my hair.

She tried to start with the french braid, but struggled.  Turns out she is an expert at the inside-out french braid and I love it!

Next up was something that I don't know the name of...but it involved two braids becoming one, amazing.  
Ashbash then went to town and accomplished something truly incredible: the fishtail. This is a braid for the real experts team, don't try this unless you have patience, time and a steady hand.

A break was needed so up next she went with the rope braid.  We still aren't quite sure how it doesn't fall out, but it doesn't...

We had time for one more braid before we had to pick up ms. lisa from the airport.  So Ashbash got a little creative and braided three braids, and then braided them! We tied it off with the scrunchie I made while she was braiding my hair (remember the book is called braids and bows...):

Obvi this was an amazing night.  And one you should definitely try out if you want to feel like you are back in summer camp listening to the spice girls and reading the babysitters club... 
Unfortunately, Braids and Bows is now out of print, you can still find some copies floating around the interwebs, or we could check out what I believe is the updated version...Headbands & Hairstyles. Expect an update.

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  1. Fun! I'm pretty sure I had that book. I could never figure out all the cool twist things they made look so easy. Fun blog!