Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crafting for Craft Organization

I do love to craft and as a result I have many crafting supplies.  I recently moved to a new apt and realized I was lacking in craft supply storage space.  So as a poor grad student and crafter I decided to craft my new organization vessel.  I headed to the Habitat Restore to see if there was something that caught my fancy.  You have to keep an open mind when looking for furniture that you plan to refinish, all you need is a decent piece in the shape and size you want.  I found such a piece, an old kid’s dresser.  It didn’t look too sharp, but it was the right size, and only $20.00, holla!

After a quick trip to home depot to pick up some paint I was headed home to begin my project.
I moved it outside and removed all the knobs and wiped it down with a bleach-water spray, inside and out.  3 coats of blue later I was ready for stripes! 

1 ½ painters tape and 2 coats of grey led to the (almost) finished project.   

I’m still acquiring a variety of knobs to replace those drab wooden ones with, but it is ready to hold all my crafting fun!

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