Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buns vs PTs

There was/is a great debate between some of my friends over the superior burger in Chapel Hill.  There were two contenders in this battle: Buns and PTs.  Each has there own set of pros and cons:

The good:
*Variety, you can top your burger with practically anything, including a fried egg, as seen here on the delicious brunch burger.
*Options for non-meat eaters, this is a big one as many of my friends don’t like to eat the cow. AND they have sweet-potato fries, my fav.
The not-so good:
THE BUN?! Okay, so this is my huge problem with Buns, if you are going to call yourself buns, I expect the best bun.  The bun you get isn’t bad, but its not really that good and that just leads to disappointment. 
The burger, is a little dry, I like a medium burger but you can’t get that many places in NC due to some ridiculous law blah blah, so I can’t fault them too much for this but still, lame.

The good:
The burger, that’s right people, the most important part of this equation, the burger at PTs was delicious.  It was a thin patty with a good char, not overcooked, absolutely delicious.  And it was surrounded by a wonderful fluffy bun that had just a shake of salt on it, oh soo good. 
The bar, boom! Full bar at PTs, need I say more?
The bad:
*Options: the menu at PTs didn’t mess around, they served a good burger and fries and that was almost it, so if you had other wants in your party, PTs would not be such a good choice.
*Biggest problem: its not PTs anymore! Due to an altercation PTs closed and reopened as the Lodge.  The Lodge sucks.  It still has a full bar which is awesome but the burger  (and bun) has gone down the Chapel Hill.  Finally, the biggest sin of all: on my last attempt to eat at the Lodge I noticed they had expanded their menu and now had cheese fries, I friggin love cheese fries so of course I ordered them.  What did I get? Not cheese fries but burned yet soggy fries covered in that weird nacho cheese/velveta kind of sauce.  Not a happy camper.

So in conclusion in the battle over the best burger in CH, the order is such:
The Lodge …… < Buns < PTs (RIP)


  1. I protest anything involving velveeta and you should too

  2. obvi, hence why it is so far below Buns.