Thursday, July 21, 2011

Savannah, A Classy Time

Savannah, GA.  A truly amazing place where I will live at some point in my life.  Hopefully sooner rather than later. We headed down for family vacation and stayed for a week, mostly on Tybee Island, making day trips into town. First off, the beach is awesome, its beautiful, so clean, and so warm (especially for a girl used to the pacific), the atlantic sure has a lot to offer, except for the jelly fish, that wasn't so cool...  
In town isn't too shabby either.  Filled with beautiful architecture, spanish moss, and perfect southern charm.
But really, this was a Graddy vacation, which means what we really cared about was the food, and it did not disappoint.   The beach was filled with, (shocker alert) awesome seafood.  

In town we beat the summer heat with some delicious ice was only a dollar for the second scoop! Dutch Chocolate with orange chocolate truffle pieces topped with raspberry sorbet (to lighten things up!).  We went back     twice, obvi. 
We also hit up a chocolate shop (shocking, I know) where we clearly had to sample a few things...including the lavender sea salt caramel, the BACON truffle, (yes friggin bacon, amazing) and of course the dark chocolate peanut butter cup made with hand roasted peanuts.  Shut the front door people, it was amazing.  

 But back to 'regular food': there was no shortage of deliciousness in this category either.  BBQ was a must and did not disappoint.  The pulled pork was awesome as was the bounty of sides we tried.  We even got Mom to eat fried pickles, which she obvi loved.  Who doesn't? Probably those same silly people that don't like bacon. We also stopped at Sisters of the New South.  People.  Listen up.  If you are in Savannah and you want soul food (which you do) you must go here, must. Mouth-watering deliciousness, serioulsy I'm crying just thinking about how I don't have it anymore. 

Oh and did I mention the open container policy? Um yeah, basically Savannah is Vegas, but Southern, and a bit more classy...most of the time.

Stay classy team, and go to Savannah.

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