Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nutella Strawberries?

I stopped by the Coop (as Ashbash calls it) and picked up some delicious strawberries and rhubarb (more on that one to come later).  Now once I got these lovely red jewels home I had a sudden craving for strawberries in my favorite form: covered in chocolate, of course. 

This is an awesome snack (yes I said snack, not dessert) for many reasons.  One of all, they are super easy to make.  Two of all, you don’t feel guilty eating so many because you are eating fruit!

The process is as follows: wash strawberries, dry strawberries (very important team), melt chocolate, dip strawberries in chocolate, let rest on wax paper and chill in fridge until ready to devour. 

I use the good old stand by Bakers semisweet chocolate but I decided to try and jazz things up a little and add some Nutella to the chopped chocolate before sticking it in the microwave.  How did this turn out?  Well delicious but not very Nutella-y.  It made for a thicker chocolate coating which was awesome but it was lacking in the hazelnut department.  So if you like more chocolate on your strawberries, add in some Nutella, but don’t expect the flavor to shine through.

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  1. I love the idea of adding Nutella because I loove Nutella. When I was in DC, we went to a resturant called Paul (turns out they have tons in Paris... so looking forward to that!), and they had what they called a "beignet donut" which looked like a jelly donut on the outside (no hole), but it had a Paul's version of Nutella on the inside. Holy cow, it was so delicious!! We ate there on Saturday, and Mike and I had to go back on Monday to get another! You should definitely figure out how to make those!