Friday, March 22, 2013

trophy time

Trophy Brewing Co. just opened up in Raleigh and so of course we went to check it out.
And it's a winner.  

The bar is intimate and filled with trophies, of course.  
They are working on the restaurant section, which will expand the size.  

We started with a flight:
and then had the porter:
And it was all delicious.

We were actually really impressed with the beer, given they are so new.  We were afraid they would still be working out the kinks, but we really liked everything we had. 

Also, hands down, the best thing about this place: 
There is one TV in the bar, and what was it showing? 
No sports.

Animal planet.  
Specifically, the show Too Cute!

Yes, the show that follows around puppies and kittens. 

Now this is my kind of audience.

Check plus Raleigh.