Thursday, March 7, 2013

a bicycle: it's like riding a bike

Ok. This post is so late, but it's rather fitting since really, better late than never!

I can ride a bike.

I know it's so very crazy, but it's true.  It took three lessons and I'm still in the beginner stage but I can do it.

The first lesson was all about getting used to being on a bike, since you know, I wasn't used to that.
I was basically trying to master gliding. Like so:

The second lesson was actually about me putting my feet on the pedals and trying to balance and well ride a bike.  I got there and was able to ride for approximately five seconds.  But then with further attempts, I was having a lot of trouble maintaining balance. 

The last lesson was awesome. It all just clicked. And I rode the bike. Not fast. And not on hills.
Here is a link to the video of me riding the bike on this great lesson.

So where are we now? I'm riding around and to Ashley's.  I don't like going fast, so going downhill is no bueno.  And going uphill is hard. Biking works a whole new set of muscles.
And I'm not ready to be around cars. They are scary.

So yes, that's where I am. Still working on it, but I can ride a bike. How crazy is that?

And yes, all thanks to the wonderful boy for being as patient as he could while teaching me.