Thursday, March 21, 2013

our next venture


Shira had a birthday and Ashley had the great idea to make her an apron, and while we're at it, commission Megan to make some matching potholders! (Don't forget you can win your own pair!)

So we went to the store and picked out two fabrics - a yellow/grey floral and a black/white polka dot.

We didn't really have a pattern, we just looked at our favorite aprons (yes, we have a lot of aprons between the two of us) and went from there.

We cut a rectangle and sewed a folded hem around three sides, 
and then folded pleats at the top:
pinning as we went down the line:
Next we cut an 1-1/2 inch black grosgrain ribbon to be long enough to wrap around and tie a bow!
Then we sewed the ribbon to the pleated edge, centering it to leave equal tails on either end:
We then cut another square to be the top of the apron and sewed a folded hem around all sides and sewed it to the ribbon above the bottom piece:

We cut two more pieces of the ribbon to be the top ties and sewed those to the top of the apron:
Finally, we put the polka dot fabric to use in two ways. 
First, we cut two equal sized rectangles, sewed a folded hem all around, and then sewed three of the edges onto the bottom piece to form pockets.
We also cut a rectangle piece sized to cover the centered part of the ribbon 
(again we did a folded hem before sewing it on): 
Isn't it precious?  
Then we put Ashley in the apron as a test drive: 
And, Megan made the adorable matching potholders:
Sew Cute! 
(Ha! Get it?!)

Of course, Shira loved it all and is now ready to cook in matching style:
Ashley and I are thinking about making some more because we loved how it turned out.