Monday, March 25, 2013

book clutch -- part 1

Of course, we had to do it.  

We are following Caught on a Whim's plan strictly, and have thus broken up the project into three steps

Here's how our part 1: covered book went:

We went to the used book store and picked out our books - I'm using a spanish-english dictionary and Ashley picked a bird book, adorable. 

We picked out our fabric - I'm using a colorful floral and Ashley is using a blue Marimekko from the pile of fabric Ben brought us back from his last trip to Finland (oh yeah, pretty awesome right?)
Step 1 is to cut out a piece of fabric with about an inch border around your book, like so:
Then, take some mod podge and a brush (we used the foam kind) and paint on an even layer over the cover of your book:
Carefully attach the fabric to the front, pressing it down securely.  Proceed with doing the same to the spine of the book, and then the back 
Next, open your front cover and paint some mod podge on the edge of the inside of the cover and fold over the fabric flap, pressing down to seal.  Proceed with the two remaining sides.  We folded the corners of fabric in half before gluing down the sides
We then did the same to the back cover so all you are left with are the spine flaps.  We put some wax paper between the covers and the book before continuing.  Then we put some mod podge on the fabric flaps and tucked them into the spine and pressed down until it stuck
And that's it! Let them dry before removing the wax paper and continuing onto the next steps.

1/3 done.


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