Friday, March 15, 2013

rant/rave: kale

I know you just saw this picture on Wednesday, but it's the only one I have of some kale. 

Yes, I said it was spinach, and it mostly was, but there was some kale mixed in there too.  Let me explain. 

First off, my mother is always ahead of food trends.  Yes, food trends are very much a thing, and I mean it especially in terms of health-related trends.  This meant yes to whole-wheat flour and bread, no to canned tomatoes, and being a trans-fat free house since I was in elementary school.  It was hard to say good-bye to oreos at age 10, but life goes on.  

As a result I'm now trained to feel guilt and think twice anytime I pick up a box of processed food in the grocery store.  

But back to the now current trend of kale: all my life my parents have raved about kale, how delicious it is and of course, how good for you it is.  But I never cared for it.  I was never going to pick it from a list of vegetable options, and I was probably going to complain a little (or a lot depending on your memory) while eating it. 

But yes, kale is some type of super food they say, and everyone and their mother is currently raving about it as the best thing ever.  Their making kale chips, kale salads, kale pasta, kale everything.  So I thought, maybe, just maybe I should give this another go.  We eat a lot of spinach and I keep it in the freezer for a quick super-food side. So I recently mixed it up and bought kale instead of spinach.  

We tried it, and both Jonathan and I agreed, it's so mediocre. The texture and flavor of spinach is much superior.  And you know what, spinach is still really awesome for you so we don't even feel bad about not liking the currently hot super-food.  We're sticking with spinach in my kitchen and enjoying every moment of it.  That said, because we weren't fans, I mixed in the remaining kale with the spinach so there is still some remnant of it in the house.  
But not for long.

Don't forget to eat your greens, but remember, they can be any type of greens!


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