Friday, March 1, 2013

fiction kitchen

Fiction Kitchen is a new restaurant in Raleigh and, it's awesome. We have been in need of some new additions to our restaurant lineup and this one is definitely a keeper.

It's a vegetarian restaurant that offers plenty of vegan and gluten free options if you need it. There are a handful of veggie-restaurants around the Triangle but we don't tend to to go to them for various reasons.  But this meant we were quite surprised to walk in to a full restaurant that was 95% women.  Apparently this is the norm for these restaurants, but we had no idea.  Really boys? Why are you hating on your vegetables? 

But back to the important things. The food.  It's also really into local ingredients, which is always nice and they had a good looking beer and cocktail menu. It was pretty hilarious/precious watching Jonathan react to the menu.  I don't think he's ever been in a place with so many options. 

It took us a while but we finally made some decisions, I had the "Chicken" and Waffles with an arugula salad:

And Jonathan got the Pulled "Pork" Plate with Potatoes and Pickled Veggies:

He also thought it would be funny to take a picture of himself instead of his plate when I asked, so here you go:

Well yes, we did get dessert because how can I say no to a Chocolate Truffle Pie with Salted Caramel Sauce?? Obviously, I cannot:

Of course it was spectacular.  So very rich.  It was just like a pile of fabulous ganache with a crumb bottom and caramel top. Holy Moly.

It was all so good. We will be going back asap to try new things, and that pie again, because I just really need another slice to form a well-balanced opinion on it...

I highly recommend you stop by if you are around. Don't be afraid of the soy. It's quite tasty, I promise.


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