Thursday, December 20, 2012

stockings filled with cheer

No Christmas decor is complete without stockings.  So I had to make some for the Forum. 
I made one for myself, mike, megan, and jonathan.  Yes, it's true, the last two don't live with us, but we like them a lot.

I picked a red lightweight fleece (I think they call it baby fleece, or flannel...) with little white polka dots, and then a white and green linen for the trim and lining. 

I drew a stocking on cardboard and then drew a half-inch border around it and cut it out.  

Next I cut out all the necessary pieces.  This works out to be:
2 red cutouts per completed stocking, 
2 whites with an extra inch-and-a-half at the top, 
and 2 one-inch wide pieces of green 

**remember when cutting out the stockings to fold the fabric in half, with right sides out, so you will have a front and back piece

Your pieces should then line up as so:

The first step is to sew the green trim to the white lining.  You will sew them to the "front" of each white piece, as if the backsides were touching each other, so one stocking's lining should look like this:

Then when you put the respective white piece behind the red and flip down the trim you get this:

Then sew the green trim edge to the red, about an inch down from the top of the red piece:

Then iron all of the pieces.  
Fold each side of the trim over and put the two red pieces right-side in:

then sew around the edge of the stocking except for the top and trim edges: 

Flip inside out and ta-da:

Stockings for all! 

I then used some stamps and fabric paint to print our names on the stockings.

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!


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