Monday, December 17, 2012

a wedding in arkansas

Ok, so this is even older, but back in the very beginning of November, two dear friends of mine got hitched back in Arkansas.

Jonathan joined me for a weekend in my old stomping grounds and got to meet my arkansas loves.

We stayed with Jake and Emmy, who of course loved us:

Emmy with her bow tie

The wedding was beautiful and in the Chapel of our College 

After the ceremony we gave Jonathan a tour, Megan and my handprints are still by VZ!

The reception was so much fun, filled with dancing, cocktails, adorable centerpieces,

and of course, a photo booth!

May I just say, they did this the right way: each visit to the photo booth produced two copies so you could keep one and then the other was put into a scrapbook, which you signed for the bride and groom.  So smart.

It was a lovely wedding and so great to see everyone.  
Congrats Mac and Amelia! 
We are so happy for you.


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