Saturday, December 15, 2012

oh yeah, thanksgiving

it was epic, of course.

Mike and I hosted at the Forum for our friends and it was so delicious.  
We had Chloe who was adorable per the usu:

I made a turkey! I used the cooking method form Jacques Pepin's Steamed & Rosted Turkey
and it was awesome. Mike pulled out the gross parts, which I couldn't even find, ridiculous. 

I deviated a bit from the recipe (shocker) and after the steam session, stuffed the turkey with a lemon, apple, onion, and cinnamon stick, with some additional mixture sprinkled around the pan.
I followed the recipe for the glaze and basted twice

While the turkey roasted, we got the house ready for company.  
These boys were matching, by accident they say...

When the internal temperature was just right, I pulled out the turkey and emptied the interior parts and juice into the roasting pan and let the turkey sit on the cutting board while I made the gravy. 

Yeah, it's pretty freaking beautiful, isn't it?

For the gravy I made a roux and added the juices and bits from the turkey and cooked until thick.  Then I strained it. Seriously, so delicious. Apples + lemon + onion = perfect turkey gravy, fyi. 

And then we ate, we feasted on turkey and all the fixings.  No really, all of them, see:

Mom was actually worried there wouldn't be enough room in my house for all the food, but we made it work.  Everything was so delicious. I still dream of that meal. 

Needless to say it was a fabulous thanksgiving filled with food, football, and friends. 

Chloe was a bit bummed she couldn't have more turkey. 
Don't tell Ashley I gave her a little piece!

Hope y'all had a lovely day!


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