Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Easy craft time:

Those chipboard/wood letters were on sale at the craft store so I picked up a 'g' thinking I would paint it and put it up somewhere. 

It sat in the to-be-crafted drawer for a while until I was in the mood for a quick craft. 

I kept it in line with the other colors of my bedroom and painted the base gray (with basic acrylic craft paint) and then after it had dried, used masking tape to make some stripes and paint them teal and gold (also with acrylic craft paint): 

And then I couldn't decide where to put it...I've been in need of something above the bed so I decided to frame it.

I put it directly on the glass of a frame (that I had already painted a dark gray) and then put a piece of ivory linen behind it, followed by the back of the frame.

I used a hammer to push down on the metal pieces to hold it all in since the wood 'g' is a bit thick.

All done:

And above the photo garland that is still in progress, of course...