Monday, February 13, 2012

yogurt, finally.

What? Yogurt? Really?
Yes. And you know why, because yogurt is so good, but store bought yogurt is often so terrible. 

So what happened? Well I've been really unhappy with my yogurt situation lately.  All those standard varieties are too sweet or have fake sugar, even worse. 

Ashley told me the real problem was that I was buying low-fat yogurt. The secret was whole milk.  hmm, I had never had this. So I went to the store and bought two things: Whole milk plain yogurt, and a bag of frozen berries. 

What did I do? I spruced up that yogurt! I defrosted the berries, added a little brown sugar, honey, and vanilla. And whipped it up in the food processor. 


(side note - savannah bee company honey is a must try!)

Finally. delicious yogurt, that's not too sweet, but just right.


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