Sunday, February 12, 2012

winter in the mountains

Well, not the whole winter, just a weekend, in Asheville, NC. 

It was lovely. An escape from work to the cold.  

So yes, we snuck away for the weekend and really did very little.  We walked around a bunch and of course ate our way through town.

Favorite places?
Of course.  Asheville is a great place for food lovers. Perfect example - Laughing Seed Cafe. Yup, it's a veggie restaurant and it was so good. Really. You know I don't usually approve but they did an awesome job.  I had the special which had an arugula salad topped with baked mac and cheese topped with split pea seitan, all covered in béchamel. Absolutely delicious. 

Ok, what else? Oh yes, and Early Girl Eatery is like two doors down and also fabulous. We went there for brunch and it was fantastic. Biscuits and gravy three ways - traditional, veggie, or vegan. The whole town was very food-friendly with veggie, vegan, and GF options everywhere. 

There were other snacks and shops along the way. You should check it out for a little weekend getaway if you are in the region. 

Oh and look at these adorable bike racks - 

Precious, right?