Tuesday, February 21, 2012

valentine's day? oh you mean arizona day?

Yes it was Valentine's day recently, which really means nothing really.  Except when you date a boy from Arizona, and then it means Arizona Day... Unfortunate for a California girl I know.

But I dealt with it. And made cookies. Martha's Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies actually. 

Follow the recipe, they are delicious, the only things I would note are that you need to push the dough balls down before you bake them and for an added kick put a little shake of cayenne in the rolling sugar.  The heat is nice, very faint and just makes for an extra tasty chocolate snicker-doodle, basically. 

The process: 

Well then I had to decorate them of course! I just whipped up some royal frosting (using meringue powder) and tried to make it as red as possible. And went to town trying to be as inspired by my neighbor state as possible...

I feel like my AZ outline isn't all bad, right?