Monday, February 27, 2012

sunday funday oscar style

So, last night was the Oscars. The girls came over for the fashion red carpet pre-show and some snacks.  They stayed for part of the show and I somehow managed to watch the whole thing...along with plenty of commentary from the roommate of course.

What did we learn? The oscars are still on struggle street. Why? Oh that's right because the hosts do a terrible job and it last too frigging long, 3.5 hours plus the pre-show mumbo jumbo is ridiculous. 

But no fear academy, I have a few fabulous suggestions that will greatly improve the show and viewership:

1. Cut 95% of the preshow, we just want to see the dresses!

2. Cut the show down to 2 hours max.  You can do it, I know you can.  Yes you'll lose commercials and a lot of that crap filler you put in. But people will love it.

3. Finally, cut the host. Yeah I said it. They are always terrible, they talk too much and aren't that funny.  How will you ever introduce the presenters you ask? Well that's easy, just have Morgan Freeman do it! It will be perfect, I promise.

Now on to the more important things - food. 

First up: Caprese Crostini - Roasted Tomates, Mozzarella, and Basil on Toasted Sourdough. Topped with Parmesan of course. 

Followed up by Deviled Eggs - Yolks, Mayo, Dijon, Pickle Juice, Tabasco, Paprika, check plus.

And last but not least cucumber sandwiches - Grainy bread, goat cheese, cucumber, blanched asparagus, and pomegranate seeds. 

All were winners in my book! 
(yeah, it was too easy)

Oh and I did have enjoy some of last night's show. 
Top moments:

5. The Cirque du Soleil performance
4. Robert Downey Jr.'s skit
3. Meryl Streep, just fabulous
2. All the bow ties, everywhere 
1. The Bridesmaid's. Because we thought of the same drinking game.


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