Thursday, August 18, 2011

So many braids

The summer obsession with braids is still thriving.  If you couldn't tell from the last braidtastic post, I have a lot of hair, thick hair, which can make braiding, and hairstyling a challenge.  That being said some good things are happening.

Braid + Bun = Balla. I saw this on cupcakes and cashmere and thought it was adorable and easy enough.  It was.  Just a braid on one side of the head followed by a bun. prec.
For fourth of July, I got a little crazy and decided that I needed to rock three braids.  I had two front side braids that led down into one full ponytail braid. ridiculous.
 Finally, I saw this on pinterest (duh) and that it was different and cute. So I gave it a try. One problem: remember all that hair of mine? Yeah, turns out it's not so easy to tie it into knots.  I only got one knot out of it; I thought it looked cute enough, until it fell out shortly after...
 More braiding to come later.

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