Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Now I am behind on my blogging, to see how far behind, check out when Ashbash wrote about this...
A few weeks ago, Ashbash, Shira, Amy, and myself set off on a flashback to our childhood. We ventured to Cary, the land of phds and strip-malls.  Our first stop was DQ. Oh yes, you remember the days of blizzards and fried goodness.  We relived all the goodness.  We each got a blizzard and I also had to get a burger and fries, obvi.  It was delicious, the blizzard was so good, and of course did not spillover when turned upside down, the true test of goodness. 
After that we headed to the roller rink, which was supposed to be rocking out the classic jams of the 80's and 90's but their taste was not up to par.  Ashbash showed off her mean skating skills and I apparently forgot how to roller skate and fell a few times...Amy did award me as best dressed though. I clearly rocked a side pony, scrunchie, old 80's t-shirt and knee high socks. Need I say more?

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