Tuesday, August 2, 2011

La-La Land

I was recently home in Cali for a week of loveliness with some of my favorite people.  The trip was filled with many great meals from all of my favorite restaurants, obvi.  Over the weekend though, we went up to Big Bear Mountain with some friends.  We were celebrating Marisa's bday so I made some cupcakes, watermelon cupcakes.  I started with a yellow cake batter and added chocolate chips (to act as seeds) and a combo of neon pink and red food coloring.
 The baked up quite nicely and had a pretty good 'watermelon' tint to them.
The frosting was the basic sugar-butter-vanilla-lemon combo.  I separated it into two batches, one in watermelon green and the other a lime-ier one to act as the stripes on a watermelon.
 I ran out of the lime green though so I topped the others with pink and chocolate sprinkles to keep the theme going.
They were quite tasty but my seeds sank to the bottom :(
 Once we got to the mountain we were well fed by Tyler who cooked up some delicious meals all weekend.
 Finally, I must mention the late night treat that was tater-tot nachos, amazingly delicious.
After a crazy night out and about what else could you possibly want?

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