Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gin: What Summer Tastes Like

I was recently reminded of a something my dear Ashbash said towards the end of last semester: "Gin is what summer tastes like." She is clearly correct in this opinion and I'm quite thankful for it.  Gin is my favorite and I have enjoyed it in some tasty cocktails this summer.  But all of the fancy gin cocktails this summer have had something in common: cucumber.  A delicious addition.
Given my growing appreciation for this new twist I followed in Ashbash's footsteps (and fine recipe) and made some cucumber infused gin. 
I started with some sliced cucumber, a mason jar, and a bottle of gin.  I went with the lime-twist gin since I always like lime in my gin drinks.
It's pretty simple: just put some slices of cucumber in the jar, top with gin and seal it. I let my set for probably 3 days

When you are ready to go pour the contents of the mason jar into a measuring cup (I went with my gravy separator to catch the cumbers.)   Pour the gin back into your bottle and you have made some infused booze!
 Now all that's left to do is pour yourself a bit, top it with some soda water, and take a sip of summer.

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  1. I love gin with cucumber! Just ask all the visitors I force it upon. I've been meaning to do the infusion, but didn't want to waste all that delicious gin and cucumber if it didn't work out. Now I feel safe in trying. Thanks!