Tuesday, September 4, 2012

step 1: admit

I have a new obsession. And it's kind of a strange one: local pro-wrestling. 

I know, it sounds bizarre and very unlike me, but it's really awesome. I promise. 

Let me explain, GOUGE Wrestling is Raleigh's pro wrestling league.
Is league even the right word? I have no idea. It doesn't matter, because it's awesome.  

It's completely crazy but there are characters and they fight in the way that pro wrestlers do... and they do it all in a beer and kid friendly way, (separate items of course) showcasing the longstanding battle  between good and evil. 

I'm perfectly serious right now people. I love it. 
It 's so entertaining, you get all riled up and cheer for the good guys. 

So, when sister Casi came to town, we, along with ashley, headed out to a show in Durham. 
It was epic:

There were many 'fights', most were male ones:

but we also got a few ones with Luchadores, the ladies in masks: 

And then we had the main event, a two-on-two, good guys versus bad epic battle:

After the bad guys cheated to win, the luchadores and dj came on to punish them, and yet again, the good guys came out ahead!

And yes, post wrestling the kids get to come run around:

you know you love it.



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