Friday, September 21, 2012

lake break

So this past weekend Jonathan and I headed to Arkansas to visit my Grandparents at the lake.  
It's a long drive, about 14-15 hours depending on traffic and weather but we made good time on Friday and of course stopped at Sonic for lunch, my fav.

The weekend was of course filled with food, visiting, and walks around the lake.

There are actually no pictures of food, it was a tech-detached weekend but here is an approximate list: 

biscuits and gravy, jams and jellies
eggs, and bacon
white beans
fried okra
homemade sourdough cornbread
coconut pudding
vegetable soup
fried fish
potato salad
deviled eggs
purple hull peas
tomatoes, peppers, pickles and relish

I know. Jonathan was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food he was expected to eat. 
But he survived.

There are some pictures from around the lake,

Some crazy skeleton: 

Cloudy day on the lake:

Birds in the trees:

And, the neighbor's mailbox:

It was a very wonderful weekend. A little cloudy and rainy, but a lovely time with Mema and Papa.

Ready to go back in November.


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