Friday, September 28, 2012

rant/rave: animals + sweaters = love.

no really, i love the idea of a sweater with an animal on it. and you know, this sort of thing does come up in conversation, with ashley of course. 
Just take note of some of our g-chat convo from yesterday:

Ashley: there's a sweater with sheep on it! i haven't bought a sweater in like 10 years, alex. they are always so pricey.
Alex: hahaha. i so want a sweater with an animal on it. really. i do
Ashley: they have 2 sheep ones. and jcrew has a bunch with hens
Alex: i like the second one more, it needs to be pretty ridiculous
Ashley: i like the first one! i wish they were goats. i fucking love goats.
Alex: it's too cute. i still really like that deer one. or do you want a bunny
Ashley: last year, i was obsessed with one with hedgehogs from urban but once it went on sale, i could only find a small. and it was SMALL
Alex: of course, urban
Ashley: i do like a fox.
Alex: did you see the horse sleeve? hilarious?
Ashley: the worst. i hate horses on shirts. i don't know why. i also don't like one-sleeved shirts.
Alex: how can you feel so strongly about a particular animal on a sweater?
Ashley: therefore, the worst shirt ever has one sleeve and a horse.
Alex: perfect logic
Ashley: there's something about them. it's not just horse sweaters i don't like, but also t--shirts with horses. and i like horses.

What? You don't have strong feelings on horse shirts or animal sweaters in general? Ridiculous.


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