Thursday, September 13, 2012

carolina with the sister

Casi came down to NC for a lovely long weekend.  We had a fabulous time of course, filled with too much booze and food, but that's just what we know how to do...

Jonathan and I picked her up from the airport.  
I was concerned immediately when I noticed they had the same sunglasses. Later their connection would grow stronger, and they would team up to pick on me. 

We then went to gorge ourselves on Indian food, followed by a trip to the Big Boss Brewery for many drinks. 

Later that night, I took Casi to Southern Season, for the first visit.  
She was quite pleased to say the least.
We finished out the day with more drinking (of course) with some of the lovely policy peeps. 

Saturday was a big day in Durham for us.  We had a biscuit from Sunrise, and Casi was in heaven.  We then grabbed Ashley and experienced Gouge Wrestling (see earlier post). 

After that epic morning we headed to Nana Tacos for a feast. When I saw this board I knew what I was getting: Mexican Chocolate Milkshake, Spicy. 

And a bunch of salsa to go with my tacos: 

We finished off Saturday with dinner at the Standard and then a round of Cards Against Humanity. 
The best. 

Sunday, we almost died.  How you asked? Overconsumption of biscuit. 
No, I'm serious.  We went to Weathervane, the restaurant of Southern Season, and had a proper breakfast with a side of biscuit.  

 But this biscuit was the size of my face, literally:

We chilled out for most of Sunday before waddling over to Maple View Farms for some ice cream, and corgi play time!

And then headed to Raleigh for some drinks at Foundation and Landmark, where we saw a strange group of people, which included this man: a man who brings his own pineapple to a bar...

Monday, we wrapped up the trip with biscuit #3 and lunch at the Pit. I then put her on a plane back to NYC with a belly full enough to get her through the winter.


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